Heart and Soul

The Heart and Soul of being a loving person is a condition of learning. This is not always an easy thing to do. People hurt us, they don't understand or what is more the truth they are wrapped up in their own problems to really care. This is not the case if one whose heart is open to sacred spirit and listens willingly to the whisperings of loves purest intent. The Holy Spirit invites us into love as one on their knees asking for our hand in an engagment of marriage.
A Course in Miracles says, "If you are blessed and do not know it, you need to learn it must be so. The knowledge is not taught, but its condtions must be acquired for it is they that have been thrown away. You can learn to bless and cannot give what you have not. If you offer blessing, it must have come first from yourself. And you must have first accepted it as yours, for how else could you give it away?" Love yourself as God loves you and you will be ready to share your heart with many.
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