Creative Counsel from me and The She

   There is a new occasion to herald in the coming year. I have a new website on Wix to introduce - dancing in the mists. There are links to products, works of art and songs for sale or listening pleasure. . A new line beginning this December of Holiday Scrappy Do Sheets and a story or two by Poet Streets are lingering in the mists as are Digital on line collage Workshops with a flair for the fanciful and exotic.  

   Now the good news about creativity is that when we have a few moments to just remind ourselves what we like doing best we somehow wind up returning to all the inspiring well with electric wonder just to coalesce the vapors.

  The new Inspirational She Journey is now ready for Christmas. If your heart wonders why it is laden so the resonate voice of The She will tell you why for in her body we all are living.

My Journey through the lineage of our shared bond
Is strengthened by the courage of conviction
The tenderness of your loving hand upon each s
Suffered and tried
Continues to bless
In the candle lit flame of your
Loving heart and gentle ways
Surrendered and Sure Softness
Speaks ever on through all eternity