Butterfly Girl


The Language of Wings

 - Laura Botsford

Absorb the changing earth and heal in meditation with evensongs

o f mellowed mystical heartbeats of love.

Butterfly Girl speaks the Language of Wings.

Following close beside me

Whispering and fluttering sweet nothings and everythings

Primrose and promised to someone I have yet to meet

Butterfly Girl Lives Within and Without You

Where slumbers greet the indigo twilight

Feathered is this wing of your own wonder

tethered to the wind hitching rides on tomarrows sparrow

With your heart it is ever the sweetedt purest peace

surrendered to the gentle dreamer

seeking only to be light and sound

Abundant with contentment- prolific

Aloft in the meshing threads of freedoms specifics

Rousing resplendence alongside the flying tasseled surries

Whose passage twirls, unfurling, is a fluttter on the eternal wind
Loosen your heart and escape therein to meet the dancer

Where slumbers are brightly feathered,

With wings of your own Wonder

And your heart is sweet with purest peace and

Life's joyous renewal surrendered

The gentle dreamer seeks a kinder compassionate light

She bids all goodnight with new dreams coming true

That soon

She will render.


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