Wishing Wall CD


Wishing Wall- Laura Botsford

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  Ambient Jazz Fusion with lyrical piano and soft ethereal dreamy vocals. It is a smooth ride of easy listening, meditative soul exploration that will take one away from it all into a peaceful place.

   I believe that we engage in the mystery of crossing paths and soulfully connecting circles of friends all enveloped in a spiral of ribbons in the sky, laced artfully through serendipitous music, prayers and wishes.

   Each circle is completely different from the other and netted in their own time. What is curious to me is the ongoing adventure of who I will have the honor of meeting next through the wishing wall.

Sovereign Sojourns and Sweet Dreams- Laura

Wishing Wall Poster
$25..00 on bandcamp

 15.38 x 20 inches archival paper heavy stock mailed in 2 to 3 business days
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