Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Red Tent

   I was deeply touched by the story of Dinah in the Book and film, The Red Tent. It is much more than a story of her life and times to me. The circle of sisterhood is deeply felt and one of great spiritual significance in the family of women. I treasure the devotion of the Mothers, and that they honored the Mother of us all. It came as no surprise that Jacob destroyed their clay representation of her, all through the ages and particularly in the Bible, little is mentioned of the divine women and the root of us all, the connection we as humans have with Mother Earth.
    This Classical Ambient collaboration with Simon Reich is  the circle of life and the sacred bond of womanhood in song.
  The piano part was something that came to me one day at my sisters house. I remember  that  it was like speaking a beautiful psalm or poem. I only had a scratchy recorder with me at the time, and months later I asked Simon if he could recreate it. I deeply value the care he took in phrasing it just the way it happened and the lilting sacred sound at it's heart.  I added the music arrangement of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes because, It is my wish and my dream that all people will honor Womankind and cherish the Divine Nature within us all.

"Dinah opens the story by recounting for readers the union of her mother Leah and father Jacob, as well as the expansion of the family to include Leah's sister Rachel, and the handmaids Zilpah and Bilhah. Leah is depicted as capable but testy, Rachel as something of a belle, but kind and creative, Zilpah as eccentric and spiritual, and Bilhah as the gentle and quiet one of the quartet.

Dinah remembers sitting in the red tent with her mother and aunts, gossiping about local events and taking care of domestic duties between visits to Jacob, the family's patriarch. A number of other characters not seen in the biblical account appear here, including Laban's second wife Ruti and her feckless sons.

According to the Bible's account in Genesis 34, Dinah was "defiled" by a prince of Shechem, although he is described as being genuinely in love with Dinah. He also offers a bride price fit for royalty. Displeased at how the prince treated their sister, her brothers Shimeon (spelled "Simon" in the book) and Levi treacherously tell the Shechemites that all will be forgiven if the prince and his men undergo the Jewish rite of brit milah so as to unite the people of Hamor, king of Shechem, with the tribe of Jacob. The Shechemites agree, and shortly after they go under the knife, while incapacitated by pain, they are murdered by Dinah's brothers and their male servants, who then bring back, or rescue (depending on point of view), Dinah.

In The Red Tent, Dinah genuinely loves the prince and willingly becomes his bride. She is horrified and grief-stricken by her brothers' murderous rampage. After cursing her brothers and father she escapes to Egypt, where she gives birth to a son. In time she finds another love and reconciles with her brother Joseph, who is now prime minister of Egypt. At the death of Jacob, she visits her estranged family. She learns she has been all but forgotten by her other living brothers and father but that her story lives on with the women of Jacob's tribe." - Wikipedia

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter White

Winter White by Laura Botsford
These frozen palaces, where dreams wait until
The thaw of Spring
Wondrous white, pristine perfect in element...

Somewhere between liquid and air, they freeze in timeless beauty
Magnificent molecules, unique from each other
 and yet alike in their making
Wished into being, and held still,
Until the moment of breaking

Element Artist Imaginarium
Background - Midway Ice Castles, Utah
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Make and Believe

           Make and Believe in the Power of Make and Believe

  Make and Believe is a vividly imaginative tale of two  children soul travelers who are called to help others.  Follow Emma and Brody from the After Time, as they venture to heal troubled towns with kindness, fun and the help of a magical Star Atlas and their colorful friends.

     "A remarkable story of the Law of Attraction, Giving and Receiving and what Intention manifests. Oz fans will love the moral message and CS. Lewis admirers will surely delight in the spiritual resonance of fantasy moral truths." 

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                                 Portland, AR.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Feeding the Hungry

Fund Raiser for Food Pantry in Portland Arkansas

Sweetie Pie Christmas Card is for the children in your life.
It makes for a wonderful money card and with every purchase the full profits
goes towards our Food Pantry (facebook Post)

Sweetie Pie Children's Christmas Card

Inside Left of Card

Inside Left


Greeting on the inside right

Friday, November 7, 2014

Collage Obsession Challenge - Long Hair

Collage Obsession Challenge - Long Hair

 I used elements from Pink Lotty's Bohemian Collection on Mischief Circus , the bird is from Lorrie Davison's Dappled Kit. and the young lady is a painting by Fran├žois MARTIN-KAVEL Young Beauty with Floppy Hat. I added the bubble effect
      She is daydreaming of love and the little bird is telling her, "He's coming soon."

Monday, April 7, 2014

Laura Botsford Music

New Website for my Music

Laura Botsford is a singer/songwriter originating from Toby’s Coffee House in Albuquerque  in 1976. She writes in a variety of styles, from Country,  Indie and  Jazz Fusion with ambient  and retro mix of instrumentals. The retro riffs and world beats are interestingly infused with a quirky “technoise,” as she likes to call it. Her love of cinema and  story telling is evident in the ethers of her soundscapes that are, “the stuff dreams are made of.”
 ”Life is a musical, and I’m one note in the song, coalescing the vapors and rhyming their stories .”   -  Laura Botsford

Wishing Wall

Ambient Jazz fusion with horns and eclectic percussion, harmonized with world culture voices and rocking retro riffs. It’s pleasing for easy listening, meditative soul exploration.

Music for Wishing Wall can be found at these links

CD Baby     iTunes     Amazon


Prince of Peace

“Prince of Peace,” is an epic story in orchestral grandeur illustrating the events of the birth of Christ. The sublime classical ambience of ethereal Middle Eastern vocals and eclectic percussions transports us to ancient sands under the Eastern Star.

Music for Prince of Peace can be found at these links

CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon

More Music on Band Camp  and Soundcloud