Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter White

Winter White by Laura Botsford
These frozen palaces, where dreams wait until
The thaw of Spring
Wondrous white, pristine perfect in element...

Somewhere between liquid and air, they freeze in timeless beauty
Magnificent molecules, unique from each other
 and yet alike in their making
Wished into being, and held still,
Until the moment of breaking

Element Artist Imaginarium
Background - Midway Ice Castles, Utah
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Make and Believe


           Make and Believe in the Power of Make and Believe

  Make and Believe is a vividly imaginative tale of two  children soul travelers who are called to help others.  Follow Emma and Brody from the After Time, as they venture to heal troubled towns with kindness, fun and the help of a magical Star Atlas and their colorful friends.

     "A remarkable story of the Law of Attraction, Giving and Receiving and what Intention manifests. Oz fans will love the moral message and CS. Lewis admirers will surely delight in the spiritual resonance of fantasy moral truths." 

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                                 Portland, AR.
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