Happy Father's Day

    I seldom write about myself. But, I have decided that there are to many things in a day to not speak of. So, I have decided to keep a kind of journal, or rather make notes so that I won't forget the day's events.
  It's always surprising to me how people  are engaged in their "thing." Well, I am one too that remarkably sees the delight, sorrow and joys that casts prisms upon the wall for me to observe.    Pockets full of stardust, long trumpet solos in an empty house and repeatedly playing old videos of my father.  I spent most of it early on, finding ways to get past his death, this past August. I watched his last birthday and was so thankful that I had a video camera. My husband took me out to lunch and I bought the weeks groceries. I opened up the new coffee can and a rush of familiar memories came back when I would sit with my parents and just talk about everything. I played trumpet songs on Pandora and could still remember when dad would play his trumpet around the house, in the garage, and outside. He never hesitated with it. Never cared if anyone listened or not; he just loved playing it. How lucky was I to have a father who  made time just to be carefree.
   I let the carpet guy in and he measured for our new carpet and when he left I chatted with my daughter while she was at work on messenger. Then I worked on the last edit of a book of poems, lit a candle and hummed September in the Rain into the phone while I waited.  Yes, I'd say that I got it right today; daughter like father, no worries. Just keep moving and every once and awhile stop to smell the roses.
It's been a few years since Dad went on to talk to other scientists, travel the atmospheres and see the sites with mom. I believe he comes around every now and then to say high, and help me out with something that I am trying to accomplish. I could be wrong, but I like to think I'm not. Maybe it's time for another trumpet song. Something to remind me of joy. Let's see, what do you want to  you want to hear Dad? Oh,  Wonderful World with Louis Armstrong.
Good Choice, I like this one too.