Lavender's Letters

Star Crossed Lovers Lady Lavender and Lord Ivan   

   Cacophonous barking from yard dogs cause a ripple pool throughout the town as distant mutts call back with their late night revivals until a torrent of roaring train wheels comes trumpeting in, over riding in chords that blend their howls in harmony. The train passes on to stir up the next towns' dogs. The countryside is quiet now and refits the night. Everyone sleeps but me.  I am remembering when I lived in the city I would go out somewhere and find other insomniacs or lonely homesick, forlorn people drifting into dark restaurants and bars.  That wasn’t so much fun after a few years. Valuable social digs abandoned for a dreaming bed and with my self-esteem skills well honed; I moved on. Guess I’ll stay right here and talk to you.
   I am whisked away with the refreshing spaces absolved in the remnants of sweet prayers for the living answer to divine intervention is to heal all situations with love and humor.  Sweet specks of stars hopefully blink in a living sky. And I wonder why some choose moods that are lifeless when in a whispered voice, singing softly to me is my ever loving-all in even breathing presence.
   Surrounded are we by our own silence, where pique precarious space pops up random nits into our minds. Only fatigue dreams up such nonsense. I must remember that I am free to imagine anything that will make me happy. This is my place of potentiality and who knows in my believing; I just might wake up tomorrow and be ready, willing and absolved of any interruptions on my way to meeting you.    


Lady Lavenders  Letters -   by Laura Botsford

Dearest Madame Lavender',
   I find it very useful to detail the upcoming events, as I  have offered my post to the high court in accordance with the new tide of concerns that has been pouring in. As of late, the lady Demetrius has shown an unusual activity in her court  She has entertained a host of thoughts towards upgrading the light field by infusing it with a sound, unlike any music that has been written before.   And yet you still don't seem to see me.
   I subscribe to her intention and not withstanding I will soon find that I am in the company of one unmatched by any. For all her insufferable fools are departed and the path is made clear for me to enter.
   All past karmic debts, despite the doubts raised out of your feelings you must trust that I have your best interest at heart and will answer all your questions soon.
  Warmest regards,
              Lord Ivan

   It was a rainy day on the languid East river town of Élan. The dew of the grasses stained the soles of her shoes as she stood reading the letter in silence. Madame Lavender quickly tucked it into her bag and swiftly rushed into the house to make plans to meet Lord Ivan.
    "Henri, where is my writing paper?" She asked the servant, knowing full well that it was in the desk drawer. Her intent was soon appeased by the rustling of a drawer as his footsteps clamored across the hard wood floors.
   "Here it is Madame," Henri said producing a box of scented stationary.
   "Thank you," Madame Lavender softly told him, trying to keep hold of her thoughts for her letter to Ivan. I must remember that he has been in love with her for a very long time, and this requires delicate handling of his emotions.

 Dearest Ivan,
it has been a while since we last met, but you are in my warmest thoughts always. P  lease accept my apologies for the long space between us. I am surely at the door of your intent . I shall be happy to meet you soon in the courtyard in May.
             God Speed _  Lady  Lavender


    Looking back on the serendipitous encounter had been rather surprising as words poured out to take place on her scented writing paper, she couldn't quite tell how he took her last letter to him. It had been months when she wrote and still no reply. As time would attest to her sincere plea for him to see between the lines and realize that she longed for his affirmation. But his pride was out of place in such a finite life. He  sat under the Maple tree, crimson leaves falling like tears around his feet and felt an earnest beckoning to cross the ocean and find what he had lost so long ago.
   These journeys were like a hologram, vaporous and mirage like, lilting musically on the horizon.   How does a heart find the missing one in such an endless sea of longing? If it was just a fluke, a passing romance on letter in prose then he might let it all go, but it wasn't. She was real and he was sure that she waited on the shore for him. He had only to cross over and meet his long awaited, unrequited love. Lord Ivan left all that he had known, and all that he had built to be with her. Photographs of her now moved like a song through his mind as he watched the shoreline approaching.

   Lady Lavender had no idea he was on his way. For all she knew, he had forgotten her completely and had long dismissed his feelings as nothing more that a passing flirtation of letters. She felt rather foolish, pretending that the Lady Demetrious really existed and that she had the power to clear away their past. Their very long ago, in a another life time past. Her heart felt the rain ensuing, blown away by the gusts of hot summer wind, dissipating briefly on her window. She had left him that day alone on a city street in the shadows of a waning moon wiped away with silver clouds. It had been so promising. His hand in hers, her kiss on his parted lips, breathing her in. But she had to go. There was a season for them but now it had ended. Lord Ivan, a maker of industry, a power throttle in modern times, had always been more involved in his responsibilities of shaping the world rather than shifting his heart into a personal life that he deserved. She had asked him to go with her, but he wouldn't he said he couldn't.
   "But you can, even for a little while, come back with me to the cottage, and we will write a book of sonnets that will be the bedside dreamscape for all lovers."
    "You are truly mad, I don't think I have ever been more tempted," he laughed. "Its not that I don't want to, its that .."
    "What that the world will fall apart with out you?"
    "They need me," he frankly said.
    "I need you more," Lavender said.
    "They don't know what to do, and there are investors, and people depending on me," he reasoned or tried his best to convince her that he was right.
    "I thought that we would have time, more time, please lets make time just for us," she pleaded.
    "I will consider it," he softly replied, trying not to disappoint her but knowing that anything he said at this point in any way would hurt her. Its not what we say but what we intend sometimes and right now he couldn't promise her anything."
    "I've got to go Ivan, I must go  home and if you decide someday to join me, I will be there."